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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Crazy Critters Cooking Convention

For reading we read a big book called The Crazy Critters Cooking Convention. This book had lots of great examples of alliteration. We have created digital books using alliteration. Each student chose a letter of the alphabet to write a sentence using alliteration. We used the same theme of critters or animals too. Here are the digital books we created.

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  1. Mōrena Team Awa,
    I really LOVE your Crazy Critters Cooking Convention digital stories. I am so impressed with your digital artwork and even more impressed by your alliteration and they way you have each read your piece of writing. Lots of clear voices with great expression. This is a great example of a creative DLO and I look forward to sharing it with others to inspire them. Awesome work team!
    Ngā mihi nui