Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Pepetuna Artwork

We read the beautiful story Pepetuna by Denise Whitmore and used it to inspire our artwork about the special puriri moth. We were learning to blend paint and pastel. 

Our first layer was the night sky. The second layer was black shadow trees and the third layer was our pastel pepetuna flying into the moonlight for just one night. 


  1. Hey Team Awa Lockie here.
    I really like how all of you have made cool art work pictures.
    Maybe you could next time could make it a bit longer and a different music.
    We have done the same but different topic but still really cool.
    I wonder who took the longest and the shortest?
    Byeeeee! :p

  2. Hi team awe
    I like your pitcher's how did you make your pitcher's pop out we did same think simaler to it but a differed topic
    next time can you show us how to do it. byeeeeeeeeeee lilly :p :)

  3. Hi my baillie I really like your artwork.What where you doing art on?Maby next time you could put more detail in your art.by from baillie.

  4. Hello Team Awa jai here.
    I really love that music but you could cachit to a different music burtt way thought plz.
    jai out.

  5. Hi my name is billy I realy like your brfly

  6. great pictures you can tell a lot of hard work went into them
    Belinda robertson