Wednesday, 8 February 2017


We have been learning to read graphs and tally charts and create our own graphs.

Here are some we have made as a team.

Our birthday graph. 

Team Awa's favourite ice cream flavour.

Tally chart and graph for our favourite pets.


  1. Hi Team Awa, I like your work and I want to come to your school and I want to do your work. from pt ENGLAND SCHOOL

  2. kia ora team awa i love this worek wate was your friset time ging on the bus

  3. Goody goody gum drops is definitely the best ice cream name, but I'm with you Leonor: Passion fruit all the way. Does tiger time tastes like tigers or fresh meat?! (just jokes)

  4. Hi my name is Sarsha I sm from Blaktown school.I like the Way you did all of
    dose tally markes how long did it take you to do
    all dose tally marks.
    By Sarsha

  5. Hi my name is Seleste .I like cat's because they are soft.I like your math's with tally mark's.