Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Working in collaborative groups.

We have been working in collaborative groups so that everybody learns together by helping and encouraging each other. Here are some photos of us completing a statistics investigation on the lollies found in a Lolly Scramble bag. We were surprised how different each team's bags were.


  1. Kia ora Team Awa,
    I really enjoyed seeing the photos of you all working together and supporting each other. My class did a similar investigation with small bags of M&Ms and we also found that each packet was different. Were there any similarities across your packets? What was the most enjoyable part of your investigation? I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful learning as Room 14 and I follow your blog this year.
    From Miss Davis (Pt England School).

  2. He team awa I like the way you worked together. I like that you used lollies for maths. Did you have fun. From Hendrix

  3. Kia Ora team awa , I like How You worked together. From Kesaia

  4. hi my name is jai I'm from blaketown school I like the way that you work together in team. I eogey how you take to each other. where i your school? ;)