Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Collaborating with Lego

Our School was very lucky to receive a generous amount of Lego from LEGO. The year 4's had a competition - Boys VS Girls to build some Lego. They had to work in small groups to put their part of lego together. It was a great collaborative, problem-solving task. Here are some photos of them work together. We hope to finish them off this week.


  1. hi my name is samisoni T from wesley primary school and i like the garden to table you guys cool

  2. Hi my name is Latoya i hope that you had a good time playing and working in groups to solve problems with Lego I hope you will finish it this week.

  3. Whats up Team Awa. Lockie here. I like how you were building with Lego and doing a little competition, Boys VS Girls. Do you like Lego? because I do. I really like how you were following instructions and being creative. Did it turn out to be a big city? Who won Boys or Girls? because I am team boys all the way.