Thursday, 28 September 2017

Team Awa Movies

Mitchel, Brooke S, Denym, Leonor and Ricci-Lee filmed some videos about a catapult they made. Mrs Clarke put it together in IMovie. Some natural actors in Team Awa.

Feedback from our judge Tim Foley:
Team Awa – Can We Catapult It?
  • Very clear instructions
  • Good to see both far and close up demonstrations of the catapult
  • Funny infomercial moment near the end worked well
  • Bloopers were a really nice touch and a great way to finish!

Here is our second movie School Busters. Mrs Clarke and some wonderful planners wrote the script. We used lots of different actors to present parts. How wonderful are our 2 main presenters Georgia and Fin!

Feedback from our judge Tim Foley:
Team Awa – School Busters – 3rd PLACE OVERALL
  • Great take on Mythbusters
  • Energy of ‘introducers’/presenters was fantastic and helped ‘sell’ the movie
  • Lots of elements at play: Music, editing, presenting
  • This would have one Best Original Score category if we had it like they do at The Oscars!

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  1. Hi my name is BJ I am from Kaikohe West School Im in room five and I remember when my brother made a catapult like yours but it was smaller then your ones your one has a better place to put the ammo in you could make you catapult taller so you can pull the thing back more so your rock will go farther.