Saturday, 9 June 2018

Animal Town writing

This week we have used another Pobble 365 picture as motivation for our writing. We had a story
starter and then we had to carry on the story.

Here is some of our writing about Animal Town.

I am the greatest sheriff. I am sheriff Lion. Only once a year someone breaks the law, only once a year!
So I usually lie in the sun for a year, but this year everything changed. When a gang of animals came.
They call themselves poor humans. They have machines called cameras they were trying to blind us.
And when they were finished they just walked away.

I needed a group of animals, the strongest on earth, to fight those puny little humans. They were Mr
Stripes the zebra, the plan animal. Mr Bear, the great scientist. Mr and Mrs Meerkat, the speedy
tricksters. Mr Dotty, the giraffe adventurer and he is Mr Stripes brother. And lastly me, Sheriff Lion.
Together we are the Animal Force 5.

I sent Mr and Mrs Meerkat to spy on the humans. When they came back they had bad news.
They reported that if you are captured you will get burned and eaten. A few days later they came
back to animal town with more machines called shotguns. They sent their first troops. But they didn’t
know that we set up booby traps. The first troop fell for a booby trap. The first trap had something to do
with sleeping darts. While the troop set off the booby trap Mr and Mrs MeerKat were kidnapping the
leader quietly. Once all the troops were knocked out, the leader woke up we threw him into the cage.

He told us every deepest darkest secret he knew, but we did not let him go because he might tell
everyone our hiding spot. So we learnt how to build force fields and lots of things that involves
technology. So from this day forward no human can come into Animal Town.      
By Shiah

I was so bored sitting on that hard bumpy seat until finally Mr Stripes walked over and said, “that giraffe is speeding with a couple of gangsters in that yellow van over there!”

I said, “right where are these people I have been hearing about?” "Just across the road there, replied Mr Stripes. I put my glasses on to see where the yellow van was. I gave them a ticket and they drove off to New York City. I turned around with a big smile on my face and went home to make banana on toast. Once I got there I looked in my fruit bowl but there were no bananas left so I got in my car. Once I got out of my driveway a tree fell over so I hopped out of my car and walked to the shop.
By Sam

I’m a koala I like hanging on the tree I go upside down. I like staying on my tree. We live in Animal Town. I sat and watched the animals. The lion sat on top of the van, the bear sat in the van, the giraffe stuck his head out of the van, he looked at the blue and white sky. He likes mostly likes looking at the sunset, red, yellow and orange . The lazy zebra crossed the road, after he crossed the road he sat in the warm sun and he lazily fell to sleep. The meerkats were thinking, what are those other animals doing?
By Sydney-Rose

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